A considerable number of photos are rejected at the Kitchener Passport Office due to common, avoidable errors. For over twenty years we have been shooting passport and identification photographs so we are also trained and able to print photographs for a wide range of countries, from Indian passports, to many African formats. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! Come on in any time during our regular hours.

Links to Frequently Requested Visa, Passport, and Citizenship Photographs:

Do you provide passport applications?
No, but you can get applications online here

When should I have my passport photos taken?
You should have it taken well in advance of any scheduled trips. After your photo is taken and application submitted, it usually takes 2-6 weeks to receive your passport. You can apply up to 12 months after having your passport photos taken.

Is it true that the US requires Canadian citizens to produce a passport at the border?
Yes, all Canadians crossing the US border must present a passport.

Will you sign my passport photos?
No, we cannot sign your passport photos. You need a guarantor to sign your passport. But we stamp it with our seal of authenticity. To see a list of qualified guarantors, click here

I've heard there are new regulations which don't permit smiling in Canadian passport photos. Is this true?
Yes, it is true. No smiling and no eyeglasses are allowed, even if you normally smile and/or wear glasses. This has something to do with facial recognition software. (Although technically allowed in some cases, we strongly discourage wearing eyeglasses as this can increase the chances of your photo getting rejected).

Links to  Frequently  Requested Passports:
Indian Passport
-Photo sizes are specified as 35mm x 35mm depending on which Indian Government agency web site you look at.
-Indian Passport photos require a white or off white background
-You must look straight into the camera and your head must not be tilted
-No profile or three quarter views of the head are allowed in Indian Passport Photo

-OCI Photos must be 35mm x 35mm square
-Two identical photos are required for Indian OCI applications -Coloured background required. We suggest a light blue for OCI photos
-A white background is definitely not allowed

Indian Visa (for visitors from Overseas) Photo:
-The size of the photo must be 35mm x 45mm
-White or light coloured specified background required
-2 identical photos are required for Indian Visa Photos
-Both of the Indian Visa Photos required must identical

Pakistani Passport Photo:
-Submit two color photographs
-Taken within the last six month
-2 x 2 inches in size 
-The image size measured from the bottom of your chin to the top of your head (including hair) should not be less than 1 inch and not more than 1 3/8 inches
-The photographs must be color, clear, with a full front view of your face Printed with plain light (white or off-white) background
-Photographs must be taken in normal street attire, without a hat, head covering, or dark glasses unless a signed statement is submitted by the applicant verifying the item is worn daily for religious purposes or a signed doctor’s statement is submitted

Chinese Visa Photo:
-One recent 2x2 inch sized colour photograph
-White background with full front view of applicants head and shoulders

American Passport USA Photo:
-Two recent, identical passport photographs.
-Two inches by two inches (5 cm by 5 cm) in size, exclusive of any white borders.
-The image size, from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head (including hair), should measure between one inch and one and three-eights inches.
-There should be at least one-half inch between the top of the head and the top of the photograph's border. -The photographs must be in color. No black and white photographs will be accepted.
-The background must be light in color, preferably white or off-white.
-Photographs should not be grainy.

Australian Passport Photo:
-Colour, not black and white;
-2 identical photographs
-be taken within the last month;
-be 45 millimetres (mm) high x 35 millimetres (mm) wide (do not trim your photographs to meet this condition);
-be in clear and sharp focus, with a clear difference between your face and the background;
-be taken against a plain cream or plain light grey background;

Polish Visa Photo:
-Dimension - 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm.
-Colour, made on high quality paper with white background.
-Must be taken within  last 6 months so to enable easy identification of  an applicant.
-Applicant's face must cover 70-80% of the photograph.
-Applicant must face camera directly, with his/her eyes open wide and his/her mouth shut.
-Applicant cannot wear hat or any other covering.
-Applicant's hair must not obscure any part of his/her face.

German Passport Photo:
-The size of the photograph should be 36mmx45mm
-The height from top to bottom face must be between 32- 36mm.
-The photograph should be centrally aligned with a full front view of the face for German passport and visa.
-All the features from chin to hairline and both sides of the face need to be clearly visible.
-The whole face is required to be clear, with proper contrast and sharpness.
-There should be no reflections, shadows, or red eyes visible in the photo.
-The background of the photo must be uniform and light colored, preferably a neutral grey.
-There should be no other object or support to the subject in the photograph. The shadows in the background are also not acceptable.
-There should be neutral face expressions with closed mouth avoiding smile.

British Passport Photo:
-Be in colour, not black and white;
-Be identical;
-Be taken within the last month;
-Be 45 millimetres (mm) high x 35 millimetres (mm) wide
-Be in clear and sharp focus, with a clear difference between your face and the background;
-Be taken against a plain cream or plain light grey background;

France Passport Photo:
-French Passport and Visa photos must be formatted to 3.5 X 4.5 cm in size
-The supplied photos must in colour not black and white
-The photos must show the top of the shoulders or the bottom of the neck
-The head size in the photos must measure between 32mm and 36mm
-The head should occupy between 70 and 80% of the passport or visa photo
-Your face should be in the middle of the passport/visa photo
-French passport photo should be recent - within 6 months

Irish Passport Photo:
-Photographs should be not more than 6 months old.
-They may be in colour or black and white [b/w preferred].
-Minimum photos size 35mm x 45mm, maximum size 38mm x 50mm
-The photograph should show a full front view of the subject’s head, as he or she would normally appear.
-The image must be sharp and clear, and taken against a plain white or light grey  background
-Sunglasses are not acceptable. Tinted glasses may be worn provided they do not obscure the person's eyes.
-Photographs should not show military or police uniforms.